About us

Tieno enterprise company


our main products (12-24 KV) as following   

VCB (Vacuum Circuit Breaker) 

RMU (SF6 Ring Main Unit)     

LBS (Air Load Break Switch)

Our head office founded in Taipei, Taiwan. Named “Yotak” was specialized import the high-low voltage switchgear equipment. We has been the agent for many European, American, Japan well known brands such as Magrini Galileo (now merged to Schneider, main supply medium switchgear), Germany F&G, SIBA and etc.

Yotak reorganized and renamed to Tieno Enterprise Co., Ltd. Former Yotak president Mr. Tai Li-Te has been in charge this new company. Mr. Tai brought many years of industry knowledge and experience to lead the company from the distributor to the new filed which able to develop and manufacture the products.  

Tieno bought the know-how from Italy former Vei (ISARC and ISARC-P series 12-24-36KV 400-630A Load Break Switch manufacture). Now Tieno has become only one own 100% manufacture and assemble technical/drawing in the market.

Set up the Zhuhai (China) factory start to using those techniques to produce the load break switch. Till today we sold over 100,000 units and now our sales volume is around 10,000 units yearly.

Set up the second factory in Taichung (located in the middle of Taiwan) and manufacture ISARC LBS supply about 90% of Taiwan market also export to Southeast Asia, Middle East and Europe.  .

40 years experience,we have been selling over 2000 units of medium Circuit Break (bought from Magrini Galileo). We have been very familiar with this product and knowing the advantages and disadvantages of it, so we now have the ability to produce and improve our own Vacuum Circuit Breaker.